Vandalism at the pool

Post date: May 26, 2017 4:59:19 PM

There was an impromptu "gathering" at the pool last night resulting in a broken table and a chair in the pool. Please read below from our pool service, and consider this official notice that you will receive a bill for any charges as a result of vandalism by ANYONE using your pool access card, as our pool is under 24 hour surveillance, and we can see clearly every face that enters / exits the pool area. It is NOT the BOARD'S RESPONSIBILITY to POLICE the pool - but that of EVERY RESIDENT. Thanks for having this very important discussion with your teens / young adults, and by all means, if you see ANY inappropriate activity taking place at the pool, feel empowered to address it yourself IMMEDIATELY. (Also, Grayson Patrol and Police contact info is listed at the bottom of this message.)


Middleton HOA Board of Directors

------ Forwarded Message ------

From: Archer Brothers Pool Service

Subject: Graduation Parties at the pool-Vandalism at the pool

...As we move into the month of May, there always seem to be more and more parties taking place. We noticed last year a large increase of parties at the swimming pools after High School Graduations. This year many High School Graduations will fall right in line with Memorial Day Weekend. We would like for everyone to just be more aware of what is going on at your pool after the pool closes at night. Many teenagers/young adults use the pool to do things, they normally cannot do at home or in the presence of adults. The pool becomes a great place to party, drink, smoke, break pool equipment that is around the pool area, and even throw items in the pool.

This year our vandalism charges for clean up at any swimming pool will range from $300.00-$500.00 depending on the vandalism that takes place. Some communities have posted signs on the front gates, that the pool will be shut down for a day if signs of vandalism are at the pool, vandalism fees will be charged to residents who are caught, including loss of the right to use the swimming pool.

We want everyone to have a great summer and enjoy the pool. Just in recent years, we have found that swimming is not the only activity that is taking place at the community pools and we all just have to work together to keep the pool safe for everyone.

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Remember, this is YOUR neighborhood, and taking care of our amenities is everyone’s responsibility. Your help with monitoring the pool area, checking activity bands, lowering umbrellas, maintaining a clean bathroom, and stopping any dangerous or undesirable activity, is greatly appreciated by everyone who lives here!


If you observe questionable or suspicious activity of any kind, please feel empowered to address it, or call

Grayson Patrol - 404.969.7025

or the Gwinnett County Police Department

For emergency calls - dial 911

For non-emergency calls - 770.513.5700

Crime Tip Line - 770.513.5390

Narcotics and Illegal Drugs Tip Line - 770.962.6272