Amenity Reservations

************Important Information. Pool Pavilion will not be available for reservation for the 2020 Pool Season.**********************************

In order to reserve the Pool Pavilion / Cabana, please do the following:

    1. Contact Crystal Ainsworth at CMA to make sure your account is clear, and ask her to send an email to to confirm.
    • If your account is not clear with a zero balance you will not be able to reserve any of the neighborhood amenities.
    • If you received this year's wristband from a board member, your account is clear and you may proceed to Item 2 (Reservation Form).
    1. Fill out the Reservation Form and email it to or fax to CMA.
    2. You will receive an email confirmation once your reservation form is received, approved, and added to the calendar.

Please remember, you are only reserving the covered areas, not the entire pool or arboretum.

Tennis Court Reservations

Pool and Arboretum Reservations

Pavilion Reservations