Annual Dues

Annual HOA fees are due each year on January 1st. It is vitally important to our neighborhood that each resident pay this membership fee in a timely manner. The upkeep of our community and the value of your home are impacted by the services paid by these fees. All the common properties and amenities are maintained by your fees. Please take your responsibility to our neighborhood seriously, and pay promptly to avoid penalties, late charges, and suspension of amenity privileges.

The beginning of the year is often filled with extra demands on our resources.  To avoid this challenge you may pay in advance. You can easily make small monthly payments logging into your account on the PMI website and clicking on the PAYING BILLS tab. If you need help with creating an account or paying another way please contact our PMI Representative

Other information regarding paying PMI Dues:

All previously set up Auto Payments with CMA will no loinger work and will need to be set up again with PMI. All HOA Payments will be sent to PMI rather than to the previous company and should be made payable to Middleton Homeowners Association. There are four ways to make payments:

1) Using bill pay from your bank

2) By mailing a check to the PMI office address below. 

3) Via automatic ACH draw from your bank. 

4) Online using your bank inofrmation or a credit/debit card (fees apply). 

If your online system asks for an account number, you can enter your street address, or the account number shown on the webstire - either will work just fine. The mailing address for payments is:

Middleton Homeowners Association

C/O PMI Northeast Atlanta

PO Box 209

Commerce, Ga 30529