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Committee Responsibilities

Below is a brief outline of the activities associated with the various committees.


    • Choosing Yard of the Month and Runner-up
      • Photographing
      • Write-up on
    • Maintaining Standards
    • Reviewing Architectural Modification Requests


    • Welcoming New Residents
      • Create Welcome Packet
        • Gifts
        • Copy of Covenants
        • Write up on Website
        • Phone Directory
        • Obtain Info
          • Names of Family Members
          • Phone Numbers
          • Email Address'
          • Info about the family
    • Organizing Community Functions
      • Pool Party (in collaboration with the Pool Committee)
      • Fall Festival
      • Easter Egg Hunt
      • 4Th of July
      • etc.
      • International Cookout
        • Members bring Food from their nation of origin to share
        • Members bring Info about their countries and culture
    • Getting our community involved


    • Insuring Pool Rules are followed
    • Preparing for the Pool Opening and Closing
    • Communicating Issues
    • Scheduling


    • Maintaining the Courts and surrounding area
    • Scheduling
    • Coaching
    • Lessons
    • Teams