Middleton Minute #5

Post date: May 8, 2017 8:59:24 PM

The Middleton Minute - your 60 second update on all things Middleton!

Getting lost in the weeds? No, not the details… your yard… it is Spring, and everything is blooming, including those dreaded weeds! Do your part to help Middleton remain one of the premiere neighborhoods in Grayson by keeping your lawn mowed, including weed removal, mulch/pine straw refreshing, etc. (See section 5.2 of our covenants) Warning letters will probably be going out soon regarding this, so be proactive ASAP.

Activity (Pool) Wristband Distribution continues this Wednesday evening from 6-8pm at the pool pavilion. If your account has ANY outstanding balance, OR YOU OWE A LATE FEE, you will NOT be able to pick up your wristbands. Please contact Peggy Price at CMA (404.835.9100) to verify your account is in the clear in order to avoid any awkward embarrassment for you or those handling the wristband distribution. Note that CMA will be closed Wednesday evening, so this MUST be done in advance!

Dates to remember:

May 10 (Wed) Activity Band Distribution - 6-8pm

May 12 (Fri) Pool opens

May 27 (Sat) Pool Block Party – 11am-2pm

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Does Middleton have a “leash law”? Middleton doesn’t have a leash law, but Gwinnett County does. We have seen repeated emails about lost dogs wandering the neighborhood, and several have complained about aggressive behavior from animals while walking. Please be aware of your animal and their natural behavioral tendencies, as some were bred to protect or herd, and see anyone that is not part of their “pack” (i.e. your family) as an opportunity to defend their “territory.” It only takes one call and a visit from the local authorities for your pet to be classified as “vicious” or “potentially dangerous” resulting in a leash being required at all times. For the safety of your neighbors, and your pet’s well-being, please consider keeping dogs leashed whenever outdoors.

Have a great week!