Important News and Information

Hello Middleton,

The Middleton board would like to update our neighbors as to status of our pool opening 2020. After over a month of deliberation with our management agency (CMA), reviews of legal opinions, and lack of an answer from our insurers as to the Middleton policy coverage in the event of a claim at the pool pertaining to Covid-19, the Middleton pool will not be opened at this time.

Unfortunately CMA is opting NOT to endorse the pool opening of it's client neighborhoods at least until the state of Georgia has reached phase 2 of it's re-opening. At that time, this board along with CMA will review opening the pool with legal backing and insurability answers resolved.

The board is very much saddened at the idea of not opening our neighborhood pool and to show off our newly remodeled pavilion bathrooms, but the risk to Middleton is too high to accept given the multiple legal opinions that we have researched and reviewed as a board.


Middleton Board of Directors