Annual Dues

Annual HOA fees are due each year on January 1st. It is vitally important to our neighborhood that each resident pay this membership fee in a timely manner. The upkeep of our community and the value of your home are impacted by the services paid by these fees. All the common properties and amenities are maintained by your fees. Please take your responsibility to our neighborhood seriously, and pay promptly to avoid penalties, late charges, and suspension of amenity privileges.

The beginning of the year is often filled with extra demands on our resources. To avoid this challenge you may pay in advance. You can easily make small monthly payments by sending a check through the online billpay system of your own financial institution.

More information is available by clicking on the PAYING BILLS tab at

Consider making a monthly payment of $50 via online banking to the following address:

Middleton HOA, Inc.

1465 Northside Drive

Suite 128

Atlanta, GA 30318

Phone: 404.835.9166

Be sure to include your account number with each payment.

It is a simple process and can help you get ahead of the curve. Make this payment as painless as possible.

If you need your account number or have any other questions, call Crystal Ainsworth at 404.835.9198 or email her at