Your assistance is needed...

posted Mar 28, 2011, 9:30 AM by Middleton HOA

Your Middleton Home Owner's Association Board held their monthly meeting last night, Monday, March 21, 2011. In a continuing effort to address concerns many of us have, we ask for your help with the following:
  • Graduation Banner - it’s that time of year again! Please submit your graduate’s name and the school they are graduating from to
  • Parking on the street - for the safety of the many children that live and play in Middleton, and the ease of visibility for those driving, please refrain from parking on the street. We understand there may be the occasional party or special event that may necessitate parking on the street, but in accordance with our covenants (Article 7.4) there should be no routine on-street parking.
  • Spring is in the air, so be sure to spruce up your flower beds, mulch, shrubs, etc. by doing routine yard maintenance and keeping your lawn mowed and sidewalks and driveways edged. (Article 5.2)
  • Mailboxes - many have asked about new mailboxes and/or replacement parts and numbers for existing mailboxes (Article 7.24). These should match the original postal receptacle in place at the time of construction. That information may be found on our website, (see the home page or Frequently Asked Questions).
  • Any changes to the appearance of our homes, including exterior paint, shutters, shingles, or landscaping requires approval of the Architectural Committee (Article 6.1). The appropriate forms are available for download at (see Frequently Asked Questions).
  • Remember that your annual dues were due on Jan 1st. If you have not yet paid, please make an effort to do so as soon as possible, so that you and your family members and guests will be able to utilize the community amenities (Article 11.3), including tennis courts, playgrounds, and the pool (which is scheduled to open on May 20th).

Thanks for your attention to the above items and for joining with your neighbors to insure that Middleton is one of the premiere communities of Grayson for many years to come!

Your Middleton Home Owner’s Association Board